Data Based Framework to Assess Australia Web Speeds, Hosting and Security

When it comes to blogging in Australia there is one important thing to remember.

Australian Internet is terrible.

graph showing Internet speeds in Australia

I don't know why this is so but many suspect that it's due to the lack of infrastructure in Australia for web hosting and also point the finger of blame at low quality undersea wires. The channel between Australia and the rest of the world is quite large and the amount of data that needs to move through those wires is also huge.

This results in an overall slower speed of the Australian Internet which results in a worse experience for web visitors.

Australian Web Data and Speeds Simplified

So what can you do. In today's post our friend Lucas Johnson will share some of his top tips for finding a web host in Australia that is reliable and high quality. Off the bad Lucas suggests that in order to find the highest quality Australian host you'll need to look through detailed reviews of Bluehost, Siteground and a few others.

Right off the bat if we were to ask Lucas what is your most recommended host he would say site around. Site ground Australia provides some of the top service, quality and support for the money.

This is because site ground has been dedicated to its customers and to its services for the last 15 years. Lucas mentions that most web hosting companies don't actually care about their customer base rather they are looking to make quick profits. This is an issue for businesses looking for host to develop a long term relationship with. This is even more apparent  with the insane prices a lot of companies are charging for SSL and even VPN service.

Lucas mentions, "I'm not sure where they are pulling these prices from. Their margins on some of these hosting or VPN packages are like 95%. And despite this they still provide absolutely terrible quality service."

Small Businesses in Australia Shouldn't Have to Worry About Speed

As a business you don't want to deal with more troubles, worries or technical issues. These are all real problems when it comes to picking the cheaper quality hosts. Lucas recommends dedicated hosting for any business that is looking to really up there web presence in any major city. Dedicated hosting in Australia will give you a massive advantage over other businesses who use shared hosting solutions.

explaining the different hosts available in Sydney and Melbourne

Why Dedicated Hosting is the Best Choice

This is because dedicated hosting is just much more powerful than regular hosting. It works by giving your website a set unique IP address that is yours and yours alone. Compared to shared hosting, which shares one IP with hundreds of other businesses and you have a recipe for slow and on reliable Internet speed. Dedicated hosting is a must for any business that is looking to grow and provide an extremely stable and reliable experience for any of its web visitors.

So what is the best host to use, well it's pretty easy to see if you just compare the data. By comparing the day that you need to look at the historical evidence that different hosts provide.

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