The Growth of the Global VPN Industry in 2017

VPNs have grown in popularity throughout the world not only due to the enhanced need for privacy but also for a growing need to maintain Internet neutrality and stopping bigger companies from spying on citizens throughout the world.

Internet neutrality is the last bastion of free speech and also one of the few places that people around the world can finally gather to avoid being spied on by both governments and also companies who are selling their information throughout the world.

However, these factors aren't the same all over the place. The rights of Internet users in the USA are very different from the rights of internet users in China or even in Vietnam. There is a large gap between the browsing ability of people anywhere in the world.

Government Control and ISPs

As governments realized the importance to on spying on their citizens the important of following what is happening throughout the world for these kind citizens becomes even more important. ISPs often start to work in tandem with governments who need the web data in order to effectively monitor their citizens and people.

The Role of VPNs and Freedom

VPNS allow anyone to access the internet while maintaining privacy and not getting spied on by any 3rd parties. They are essential to a quality browsing experience that is safe from infiltration. Countries throughout the world are opting for VPNS and providing security measures that are either state sanctioned or in many cases are deemed to be highly illegal. This opens up the market for foreign companies looking to private a digital service for citizens in these countries.

Let's look at a few of these.

image of internet freedoms around the world

VPNs in Singapore

Singapore has a long history of government interference in both civil and politic matters and for a lot of people this is deemed acceptable as a rightful measure to ensure the peace process. Keeping your population safe and spied on is a good way to know what is happening and not worrying too much. VPNs in Singapore offer a way for bigger companies to not only keep people safe but also make sure they are protected when browsing.

VPNS in Turkey

After the 2016 uprising political tensions throughout the country erupted and caused multiple factions to decide that keeping a safe and secure Internet wasn't something that was the government's top priority. The result was a population that was highly restricted in Internet access and unable to use the data that they wanted. Popular websites like Youtube, Facebook and even social blogging platforms were outright banned. To find out more check out VPN Turkey.

How Will the Future of VPNS Change

As more technology comes out, VPNS will become an important tool to not only protect yourself while surfing the Internet but also keep your identity safe allowing citizens throughout the world to organize, plan and voice their opinions without being subjected to terror or jail-time. In other words, this technology is essential to the prosperity of all of mankind and not just some small group of technology-elitists.

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