Data Sheet for the Hackerlab Rx XML Regular Expression Matcher

        Hackerlab Rx-XML (an XML/Unicode regular expression matcher)



        Hackerlab Rx-XML is a regular expression pattern matcher for
        Schema-capable validating XML processors.  It is also a 
        general purpose Unicode regular expression matcher.

Key Features:
        Rx-XML is fast and accurate.

        Supports the regular expression language specified
        in the W3C document "XML Schema Part 2" 

        Supports alternative regular expression syntaxes.

        Clean and simple "classic C" interface.

        Patterns may use UTF-8 or UTF-16.

        Strings compared to compiled patterns may use UTF-8 or UTF-16.

        Provides protection against encoding-based illegal data
        attacks: Ill-formed encoding sequences (e.g. non-shortest form
        UTF-8) are detected and rejected during regular expression
        compilation and matching.

        Configurable space/time trade-offs.

        Ready for Unicode 3.1: Designed for a character set with 2^21
        code points.

        Validation tests are included.

        Postscript and HTML documentation is included.

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