The Impact of High Levels of Cortisol to Wellness

You experience stress on a daily basis. When you present a report in front of your boss and colleagues, when you encounter financial problems at home or when you meet strangers, you can feel in such simple situations.

But do you know that the hormones in your body are the reason behind stress?

Cortisol known as the stress hormone regulates the body’s flight-or-fight response to certain situations. Your body fires cortisol when it encounters a specific situation, a place or a person it perceives a threat. Cortisol comes from adrenal glands which are located at the top of kidneys. As medical professionals call it, cortisol is like your built-in alarm system. It controls certain brain functions such as mood, fear, and motivation. Aside from these functions, cortisol is also responsible for controlling inflammation, blood pressure, sleep and wake cycle and how the body uses carbohydrates and fats.

When the body releases more cortisol than it should do and it builds up, this condition leads to chronic stress.

Chronic stress occurs when the body experiences constant stress. It is often triggered by specific objects, place, person or situation that causes anxiety. Chronic stress can affect your performance and daily functions. It can lead to poor memory, lack of concentration and fatigue.

Too much cortisol levels have a more grave impact other than chronic stress; it can also lead to anxiety, depression, heart disease, digestion problem, insomnia, weight, diabetes, hypertension, and weak immune system.

Once cortisol builds up, it overrides other hormone causing hormonal imbalance.

How to Lower Cortisol Levels?

There are several ways to lower cortisol levels. All you have to do is choose carefully your diet. Concentrate on eating fruits and vegetables; also, exercising helps to lower down cortisol in a short period of time.

But among these options, the best way to lower cortisol is to use adaptogen supplements.

In reducing cortisol levels with supplements, what you need is the best adaptogen supplement. There are several names of this remedy that you can find in the market. Example of the adaptogen supplement you can trust is Adaptotrax by Vitamonk.

When it comes to searching adaptogen supplement, you have to be careful which you should pick. Choose an adaptogen supplement with a high concentration of genuine adaptogen herbs. Moreover, make sure that there are no hidden ingredients in the formula. You can avoid choosing poor quality adaptogen supplement by visiting online sources like Adaptogen Supplement.

The Adaptogen Supplement is one of the leading online sources for wellness. This informative website has all the details you require to learn about adaptogen supplements. Moreover, this sources provides buying guidelines to support beginners in this type of supplement.

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